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Launch of The Solar Nation

Well, it’s been a long time in the thinking, but finally we have place where the public can cut through several layers of sales and go direct to their local installers. It can be an absolutely minefield when trying to look for a solar installers so hopefully this website will assist the public in making the right choice.

Each solar company that is listed on the solar nation map and directory has been vetted. Not only do they hold the right accreditations, insurance and warranties, most are amongst the most the most experienced companies in the UK. Some have been trading for over 15 yrs, and whilst there are some fairly new companies, they are made up of personnel who have installed hundreds of solar systems for other companies over the years but were not happy with the customer service or processes they had to implement.

Solar Nation Assured Installers are customer focused and most have known each other through professional networking and trade events for over a decade. We’ve just decided to work together where we can. By Leveraging decades of experience we can all continue to develop as independent companies safe in the knowledge that when we pass a lead to another company, we do so safe in the knowledge that the client will be dealt with in the same manor we would deal with our own clients.

The map has dots where the solar installers are based. Highlighting residential and commercial installers as well as a whole host of specialists in their own fields. From solar carports to solar tiles, off grid solar and stunning smart flowers. There really is a solution for every situation.

Each installer will have their own favourite products that they supply and most will offer various product choices as there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to a personalised home energy system.

We have installers that have conducted work for the Royal Family and have placed systems on Castles and Palaces. We have companies that focus on schools and other local authority projects. Our commercial installers are amongst the biggest solar companies in the UK with several MW of installation each year! Some focus on the new build market and most are firmly focused on houses. Terraced, semi’s, detached, cottages, mansions, it really doesn’t faze us as no job is too big or small when we are creating a Solar Nation.

Most of us like to educate and are firmly embedded into our own communities. We talk at events, speak to the local TV and radio stations when they are looking for a local expert in their fields.

We do not claim to be elite installers or the best, although many of are amongst the best the industry can offer. What we are is a group of companies who have come together to make sure the industries reputation is enhanced as we create a one stop solar shop for the Great British Public.

We’re creating a Solar Nation and you’re invited to join us.


Excited to be at Kingston’s Efficient Homes Show #KEHS2024 this morning with our good friends Cave Cooperative. The Cave Co-operative specialise in sustainable architecture. Together we make a great team for your #ecohome #sustainablehome #solarpv #ewi #retrofit.

The greatest of #GreatBritishEnergy companies.

Heading back to check out a 23 panel system we installed. Hope you enjoy watching 😊

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