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Solar on a North Facing Roof-is it worth it?

In the Northern Hemisphere we primary fit on south facing roofs, this is because it will have sun exposure for the longest amount of time, maximising energy generation during the day when electricity consumption is high. Alternatively east and west facing roofs are also a popular option too for the same reasons. with that been said as the industry as grown and our understanding of solar and energy generation has improved, north facing roofs has become an option.

Solar Nation member Low Energy Services has written a great blog on the reasons for, and benefits of having solar on a north facing roof.

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Proud to be part of @heatpolicyrich excellent work along with @Damon_BPHR (how does he find the time?) An important issue for the heat pump rollout and the blockers clearly explained.

New Blog!

Is solar on a north facing roof a viable?

The answer is in our latest blog from Solar Nation member Low energy Services!

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