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Solar Keywords-Shining a light on the lingo

Like with most industries, there’s a lot of words and abbreviation that have a specific meaning in the particular industry rather than its broader meaning. Understanding this terminology will help you have a better understanding of the technology, products and even the benefits of an investment in Solar. One of the Solar Nations goals is to make sure that members of the public are educated on the products they’re investing in and have an improved understanding of industry as a whole.

Solar Nation member GB Solar has written an insightful blog covering the basics that you need to know to enhance your knowledge.

Follow the link below to read the blog.

For more from GB Solar visit

Excited to be at Kingston’s Efficient Homes Show #KEHS2024 this morning with our good friends Cave Cooperative. The Cave Co-operative specialise in sustainable architecture. Together we make a great team for your #ecohome #sustainablehome #solarpv #ewi #retrofit.

The greatest of #GreatBritishEnergy companies.

Heading back to check out a 23 panel system we installed. Hope you enjoy watching 😊

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