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How much solar do you need?

One of the the most common questions we get asked is “How much solar do I need?”. The simple answer is, it varies.

Everyone’s needs are different, some people will just want to cover their daily needs, while others will want to add batteries and even EV chargers as to make the most of the energy they produce. Solar Nation members are committed to helping build a solar system that fits your specific needs. Solar is not one size fits all.

Solar Nation member Grid Neutral has written a great blog in regards to this explaining some of the factors that we take into account when designing a solar system.

For more from Grid Neutral follow the below link.

Excited to be at Kingston’s Efficient Homes Show #KEHS2024 this morning with our good friends Cave Cooperative. The Cave Co-operative specialise in sustainable architecture. Together we make a great team for your #ecohome #sustainablehome #solarpv #ewi #retrofit.

The greatest of #GreatBritishEnergy companies.

Heading back to check out a 23 panel system we installed. Hope you enjoy watching 😊

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